Triplicate Staff

In the national forest, all fireworks are illegal.

If you're in the forest this week, don't use any pyrotechnics or fireworks, not even the "Safe and Sane" kind. That's the message that Mike Minton, Six Rivers National Forest acting forest supervisor, is reminding visitors of this week.

"Forest fire conditions are expected to rapidly escalate from 'moderate' to 'high' danger the first week of July," Minton said in a Forest Service press release. "Above- normal temperatures are currently forecast, which will quickly dry the fuel beds that received rain just a few days ago. It is important for forest users to understand that we are moving into that time of year where we are at high risk for wildfires.Everyone needs to exercise extreme caution when recreating or travelling on the national forest or surrounding lands."

In mid-June, the Six Rivers, Klamath and Shasta-Trinity national forests initiated fire use restrictions, which prohibited building campfires or stove fires, except in designated areas; smoking, except in designated areas; operating an internal combustion engine anywhere but National Forest System roads and trails; and using explosives. Regulations are strictly enforced, the press release said.

Details about fire restrictions and other information for the Six Rivers National Forest may be found on the Forest website