Twins Ireland Rose and Maddix Ryan Gelosa were born on June 9, 2014, at Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage, Alaska. Ireland Rose, a girl, weighed 6 pounds, 8.8 ounces and measured 20 inches. Maddix Ryan, a boy, weighed 7 pounds, 5.5 ounces and measured 20 inches.

Their parents are Emily Pearson and Ryan Gelosa of Girdwood, Alaska. Their brother is 4-year-old Sylus Edwin Englert. The twins' grandparents are Sandra Brookman and Ken Freeman of Crescent City, John Pearson and Lori Littleford of San Jose, Terrie Gelosa and Hank Taylor of Kenai, Alaska, and Frank A. Gelosa, who is deceased. Their great-grandparents are Donald Cedergren of Springfield, Va.; Sharon Shawler and Cliff Higgens of Sun City, Ariz., and Jay and Marsha Shawler of Sun City, Ariz.