Suspect locked himself in bathroom with explosives

The Crescent City Police Department was able to subdue and arrest a man who had apparently locked himself inside a bathroom at Chevron South with explosive devices on his person.

Emitt Kling, 30, was arrested at 12:48 a.m. on Wednesday for possession of an explosive device in public, possession of substances to make a destructive device, attempt to discharge a harmful substance in public, carrying explosive substances on his person and manufacturing an explosive without a permit.

The on-duty clerk told police Kling had entered the Chevron gas station at around 10:30 or 11 p.m. and was acting strangely, Sgt. Erik Apperson said.

After Kling locked himself in the bathroom, one of the store's patrons told the clerk they had overheard Kling say he had explosives. A separate third party called the police, Apperson said.

"We originally got that report from a third party," Apperson said. "An individual walking down Elk Valley came across two other subjects that looked fearful. She asked them what was wrong and they told her therewas a subject in the Chevron bathroom that said he had a bomb."

Officer Justin Gill was first on the scene.

"Gill knocked on the door and (Kling) answered," Apperson said. "Gill recognized him from previous encounters and ordered him to the ground. He was not complying with orders, so Gill had to force him to the ground."

After arresting Kling, officers observed what appeared to be an explosive made from an altered firework sticking out of his right pocket, and they found two 8-inch-long metal pipes in his left pocket along with several lighters, Apperson said.

Officers also found an open 16-ounce bottle of muzzle-loading propellant, as well as a container with a metal stem that had some of the muzzle loading propellant inside, Apperson said. Several other items were found in the backpack and strewn about the bathroom floor, he added.

Apperson said Gill interviewed Kling on the scene after reading him his rights, but Gill said Kling was difficult to understand and his statement was difficult to follow.

"He was making (the explosives) to throw at a male subject to keep him away from his mom," Apperson said. "He said he was making them so they would 'make a boom' when he threw them at people."

Kling's bond has been set at $100,000.

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