Thank you to everyone who made the class of 2014 Redwood School graduation and "Footloose"-themed dance so magical.

The students were so lucky to have both a sensational graduation and a phenomenal dance. The graduation and dance would not have been possible without a myriad of individuals and businesses.

To begin, a huge thank you goes out to the following businesses for their generous support: Six Degrees of Celebration, Sutter Coast Hospital, Java Hut, Crescent Ace, Home Depot, Walmart, Your Salon, Red's Crescent Drive-In, One Time Entertainment, Red Chair Photography by Mamarazzi, Big Flash Foto, Community Assistance League and the DeSolenni Law Office.

Additionally, I would like to thank the following individuals for their help and support: Tammy Burrows, Acacia Costello, Jill Hermann, Tammy Brown, Jeff Slayton, Debi Long, Doug and Tammy Wakefield, Frank and Paula Magarino, Beth Liles, Johanna Dantzman, Billy Kay Gavin-Tygart, Carlene Lacy, Kris and Teresa Bertolini, Coleen Parker, Alison Eckart, Ruth Clay, Sherry Thompson, Matt and Krystol Berry, Scott Lindsay, Jared Wells, Mike and Nancy Dixon, Caryn Larson, Bert Thomas, John Beardon, Erik Apperson, Tim and Mercedes Borges, Danielle Clarkson, OJ Calleja, Kristy Nolan, Brook Nolan, Robyn Holt, Shellsea Jacobs, Jasara Warren, Susan McCoy, Linda Prouty, Aimee Lundin, Melinda Fay, Rae Broadbent, Lindsey Wheelon, Todd Fattig, Casey Lee and Bobby Machado.

Also an enormous thank you goes out to the parents and grandparents from the class of 2014 for their generous donations and to everyone who helped with fundraising.

Lastly, a tremendous thank you goes out to the parents and grandparents who dedicated countless hours decorating the Redwood gymnasium and MPR.

Thank you to the following people: Dawn and Sean Harper, Paul and Tara Nelson, Angela Calleja, Jessica Phillips, Jennifer England, Jeff and Nicole Stout, Kevin and Lorri Tupman, Melissa Norbury, Sue D'Errico, Kathie Higgerson, Dan Gustafson, Athena DeSolenni, Mike and Aleta Mattz, Terry Liles, Victor and Tanya Young, Trudy Gugliemini, Angrea Wadsworth, Marilyn Restad and Jody May. Thanks to the support and dedication of this great community of businesses and individuals, graduation was a spectacular success!

Megan Pucillo-Slayton,

Redwood School class of 2014 graduation coordinator