A robbery on North Bank Road has left some local residents scrambling to recover important memories.

The house was broken into sometime between Wednesday and Sunday last week while the owner, who asked to be unidentified, was out of town. He said he is still trying to tally everything that was taken, but of chief importance were memory disks in two cameras that contained about 400 photos of a family relative, Breena LeAnn Cardenas, who was killed in a drunk driving wreck in 2008 when she was 19 years old.

Also among the missing items were a pair of binoculars, a rifle, hats, and a safe containing court papers and personal documents. The safe stored the two cameras with the memory disks.

"The cameras are gone, but I would like to have the disks in there so I can get the pictures printed," the homeowner said. "She died in 2008, and those are all memories. Those are kind of hard to lose."

He also said he would appreciate personal papers such as court documents and his vehicle registration, which was also in the safe, returned.

"Most of the stuff that is in (the safe) they aren't going to want," he said.

Anyone in possession of the disks can return them to Safeway no questions asked.

"Breena LeAnn Cardenas worked for me here at Safeway," said Safeway manager Brian Ridgley. "I am happy to help out any way that I can."

Ridgely said anyone looking to return the photos can ask for him personally, or just leave them at the office.

The homeowner also said he would be willing to pick up the photos at any location.

"Just take it to Safeway or drop it in a brown paper bag somewhere and tell me where it is or leave a note or something," he said. "I am not going to hunt (the robbers) down."