Triplicate Staff

Crescent City may be gaining the wrong kind of reputation among travelers who come to the Pacific Coast on bike.

Crescent City Interim Police Chief Calvin Scott Berry said he has been surprised by the number of bike thefts in the area since taking over for now-retired Police Chief Doug Plack on Monday.

Berry said he has already spoken with three travelers from Colorado, North Carolina and France who were biking the coastal trail from Washington and had their bikes stolen in Crescent City.

"All those people are going to remember about the great adventure they are on is that their bike was stolen in Crescent City," Berry said.

Berry said that even in a small community like Crescent City, people need to be vigilant about locking up their possessions because there are people in the community who will prey on them.

Berry instructed officers to visit local hotels this week to ask them to advise travelers to either take their bikes inside or to make sure they are locked up securely.