Triplicate Staff

A house fire broke out at 1130 8th St. on Monday around 9 p.m., but firefighters were on scene quickly and able to put out the fire without much damage to the exterior of the house.

The house was unoccupied at the time of the fire and is undergoing remodeling, so no possessions were lost in the blaze, according to Crescent Fire Protection Department Chief Steve Wakefield.

The fire began after a person working on the house lit a cigarette with a butane lighter before leaving the area, Wakefield said. The lighter presumably got hot enough to start a small fire, "in a pile of sawdust or something," Wakefield said.

Neighbors saw smoke at the house and called the CFPD. The Crescent City Volunteer Fire Department was also on hand for the roughly 90-minute battle against the flames, Wakefield said.

Most of the damage to the structure was on the building's interior, according to Wakefield. Flames that reached the exterior were quickly put out with minimal damage to the outside of the house.