To say the least, we are living in interesting times.

You wonder if you should continue to watch the news or shut it off. But if you shut it off, will you miss something that really matters?

The world is crazier than ever, and it's pretty obvious that "Satan is alive and well on Planet Earth," as the saying goes. The latest atrocity just makes me sick - yet it is performed by a faith that claims to be one of peace.

How far can one go to state an opinion, when, "Oh, no; you can't say that, because it's not'politically correct'?

Perhaps then, I can say the positive thing, to describe my own faith as a contrast.

Jesus tells us to love everyone, whether they believe the same way as we do or not. If one of us should decide to embrace a different faith, we are not handed a death sentence for doing so.

There are a few things over the next couple weeks. At this point, most are at New Life until I hear of more.

At St. Joseph's Catholic Church gym, the summer ping pong program is drawing to a close.

It ends next week with a big tournament on Tuesday from 3andndash;7 p.m. All levels, age 18 and up, are welcome. Just want to watch? That's OK, too.

At New Life Community, September events will be:

andbull; Sept. 7 andndash; a bake sale after church, with proceeds toward the new floor.

andbull; Sept. 13 andndash; Potluck at 5 p.m. followed by the movie "Gifted Hands," the true story of Dr. Ben Carson. Bring something to share and join the fellowship andndash; you are welcome even if you are not from New Life.

andbull; Sept. 19 andndash; Game night at 6 pm. Come and have fun!

I do have just a bit more information on Operation Christmas Child this week. As usual, the collection point for us will be at Pelican Bay Evangelical Free Church. The week of collection will be Nov. 17andndash;24. Hours and other info will be posted in October. The church will have the preprinted cardboard boxes if you want them, but the plastic shoeboxes are also still acceptable. I guess I'm a bit contrary, because I prefer the plastic ones. I think that they are still useful after all the gifts are used up, and in some countries can then be used to keep food or carry water free of insects.

Questions? You can call eitherthe Rowells at 951-2171, or the Rosses at 951-5880.

When I think of all those kids in the Middle East right now, there's going to be a bigger need than ever.

But most of all, we need to be praying, big-time, for people over there, because their lives are truly in danger daily.

To reach Martha Williams, call 460-3000, or email