Triplicate Staff

A driver who lost control of his vehicle on Thursday night near Cooper Flat on Highway 199 plummeted down the ravine more than 150 feet and walked away uninjured.

Shortly after midnight, California Highway Patrol responded to a call made by the fortunate driver himself after he had climbed back up to the road, according to CHP. For reasons that weren't immediately clear, the driver lost control of his red Mazda and tumbled down the ravine to the riprap - cement used to armor shorelines - below. The accident occurred around mile marker 10, halfway between Hiouchi and Gasquet - "a straight part of the road," according to Gasquet Fire Chief Buzz Parlasca, who was on scene.

"The car flipped end over end," Parlasca said. "Both ends were smashed pretty dang good."

Gasquet Fire and CHP responded to the scene. Parlasca said that the man declined medical attention.

"He had a scratch on his head, but that's pretty much it," he said. "It was amazing."