A big thank-you! I would really like to thank everyone involved in finding our beautiful and spoiled cat Franklin. Bicoastal Media, Facebook, Humane Society and our local vets carried our flier. Frank came up missing on Aug. 12. We were devastated. My good neighbor searched the woods with me for days.

Through strong community effort he was found nine days later. A woman and her children were picking blueberries on Charm Lane when they looked up and noticed

a cat 30 feet high in a tree.

The family was very concerned.

The mother made a post on Crescent City Sweet Deals about the cat. My coworker called me and made me aware of the post. We then went to search for Frank up in a tree multiple times.

Just when we were about to give up a gentleman called me. He got my number from Bicoastal Media. He showed me where the tree was. The neighbors came out, and we could not figure how to get Frank down.

Our mail carrier, who had also been looking for Frank, came by. She called her husband and nephew, who is a tree feller. They rescued Frank, lowering him down in a bag.

My coworker's husband and my best friend also showed up to aid in the rescue.

Thank you so much! My faith in humanity has been restored.

Frank is healing from a cold but is doing much better now with much TLC. I truly believe he would not have made it much longer.

Kevin and Leslie Smith,

Crescent City