Triplicate Staff

A round robin table tennis tournament that was a few months in the making was held at St. Joseph's Church last week, with more than a dozen participants showing off their skills and hoping to win the gold - or at least the blue ribbon.

The tournament, which was organized by Joan Miles, was the final event for the summer table tennis league that she built from scratch in early June. The league might continue next summer.

Miles said that beyond the Crescent City table tennis enthusiasts playing in the tournament, players from Brookings and Arcata also entered to play, and some of those are nationally ranked.

"Have you seen 'Forrest Gump'? That's the way they were playing," Miles said, in reference to the players from Arcata - members of the Pacific Force Table Tennis Club - who took first, second and third place.

The proceeds of the tournament, which Miles said came out to $90 (it cost $5 to enter) was donated to St. Joseph's Catholic Church.