Shelley Anne Michaels, a multi-year resident of Del Norte County, died on Sept. 5 in Susanville at the age of 52. Shelley had moved from Hiouchi in April of this year to make a new home in Susanville.

She was born Shelley Anne Kroeger in Los Angeles on April 5, 1955. She was a nurse, but health problems prevented her from practicing the profession she loved. Shelley was always a free spirit and lived many places, including California, Montana, and Minnesota. Shelley was known for her fearless approach to life; she was always willing to take on any challenge and was a great friend to all who knew her, people and animals alike. Her departure to the next world will leave an empty place in many hearts.

Shelley was a member of the Baha'i Faith. She served the faith community of Del Norte County with years of service as a member of the local spiritual assembly, the governing body for the religion at the local level.

Shelley was preceeded in death by her father, Clark, and is survived by her mother, Shirley Borchers, sons Justin and Adam, daughter Emily, and six grandchildren. Cards for the family may be sent to son Justin at 3501 Shady Timber Street, Apt. 1077, Las Vegas, NV 89129.

A funeral service was held in Susanville on Sept. 14. In accordance with Baha'i law, Shelley was buried where she died. For those who knew her here and wish to say farewell, a memorial service will be held at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 30 at the Requa Inn in Klamath.