On Monday, January 20, as the sun was rising over the mountains and trees of Crescent City, the family and friends of Vernon D. Ward received news of his passing.

He was preceded in passing by his father Leslie V. Ward, mother Mary Agnus Ward, sister Yvonne Tesh and great-nephew Jeromy Winebarger. He is survived by his beloved wife Susan Ward; two sons Shane and Sterling Ward; grandsons Jonathan and Sean Dillin-Ward; granddaughters Korrie and Alethea Ward; stepchildren Cindy and John Bliss; Dennis Barnedt; many stepgrandchildren; adopted children and grandchildren.

Vernon was well known, but a private person who believed and tried to teach family first and friends second. He also believed in helping people whenever he could without question or expectation, a handshake was his word and promise.

Vernon was born in Ol Hickory, Tenn., in 1939, and moved to Crescent City in 1946, where he spent most of his life. He worked in the logging industry for many years with his best and life-long friend, Dale Nickel. Vernon also served seven years in the Army with honor, plus three years in the National Guard. He also worked for the county in building and maintenance until retiring in 2011. Vernon also enjoyed hunting, fishing, being in the woods, poker, cribbage and most of all, his family.

Per Vernon's wishes, no services will be held. In lieu of flowers, his family would appreciate a donation be made in his memory to his favorite charity, St. Jude.

The following was written by his son.

A Dad

A Dad is your mentor from the day you are born. He is so happy and filled with love he feels like he would explode. The joy and happiness he has, at that point, words cannot explain. He knows, at that time, he will have a long road ahead. He will guide you down that long windy narrow road of life. You may think, at times, that your dad may be hard or mean, but he is trying his best to raise you the best he knows how. Dads are not given a book on how to raise us. They go with what they know and have learned from their dad. We may think, that at times, that dad is not right, but as we grow, we find that dad was right. Now that time has passed and we find ourselves older, we look back at what dad taught us and what dad has said and we think, dad was right. Dads have lived longer than us and been through a lot of hard times and good times. Dad has lived with us, loved us and laughed with us. As time goes on, there is a time that dad must go, but dad is never gone. Dad is always right there beside you. You may not see him or be able to hear his voice, but in your mind you will know when you speak or do.