I saw in the paper how one of our newly elected City Council members pulled weeds on private property to help clean up the city. Why didn't she expend her efforts on public property?

A good place to start would be the weed-grown stone triangle at the north end of the 101 split. For that matter, that whole area including the CalTrans yard, office, and the fairground could do with some good weed eating and cleanup.

On the other side of town there is something that she cannot do herself, but in her position should be able to get it fixed. The fishing pier is one of our tourist attractions. Yesterday I talked to four groups from Brookings and one from Eureka who were there crabbing. Find out who is responsible for the pier and have them clean up the residue and replace the planks that were burned with the potty that someone torched.

While on the subject, how about reinstalling the potty now? They can be placed anywhere. Anyone, local or tourist, fishing or crabbing on the pier, has to jump in their car and drive to the public toilet near the lighthouse. That is, if they even knew where it was or didn't just go over the side.

While on the way to inspect the above, grab a screwdriver, wrench and one of the city traffic engineers and ask if all of the stop signs are necessary, especially the ones at A and Front and A and Second streets. If he says no, take them down then and there. Studies be damned!

The biggest eyesore remaining in the city are the bums panhandling on the street corners. Yesterday I saw five. Plagiarize some other city's ordinance about loitering and panhandling or ship them off to Arcata where they are loved.

I do applaud her efforts and all should help finish cleaning up the city. It has come a long way from just a couple of years ago.

Jim Wisbauer

Crescent City