Even thought I do not live in Crescent City, I do have a vested interest there. Therefore, I read The Daily Triplicate on-line. I find it absolutely fascinating the lawsuits that were filed with the County of Del Norte and the Sheriff's Office.

I am thankful for all of peace officers in my community. I think people, especially in Crescent City and Del Norte County, fail to realize just how excellent their peace officers are and how professionally they conduct their business with citizens, regardless of the way you choose to treat them. Maybe you are ignorant to the fact that you have overworked and underpaid peace officers, especially for their qualifications. Yet, every day and night they go out and do their job, possibly putting their lives in jeopardy to protect you! How ungrateful you are!

I just don't understand some people's mentality that if you do bad things, bad things aren't going to happen to you. Also, where does someone get off questioning, andquot;When did Americans stop having rights?andquot; Well, quite frankly, when you break the law and put the officers' lives in jeopardy! That is when you lose your rights!

Maybe you should reflect upon what the peace officers of Crescent City and Del Norte County really do for you. Perhaps if you see them around doing their job, stop and thank them. I am sure it would be the highlight of their day.

Cassie Sabo

Reno, Nev.