This is in response to Stacey Jochimsen's Nov. 25 letter (andquot;Prop. 8 un-American, wrong to take away minority's rightsandquot;). The charges of Del Norte County citizens taking constitutional rights from others, comparing enslavement of blacks to this issue, and finally, accusing us of being un-American, is both outrageous and a misleading fallacy.

There are no civil rights violations involved. We are talking about a behavioral lifestyle that is already well protected by domestic partnership laws. These regulations provide the same protection, rights, and benefits as married spouses, and rightfully so.

My concern is that four San Francisco judges have ignored the will of the people to further their own agendas. Maybe we should take a page from the people who dismissed the Rose Byrd court when it became non-responsive to the people.

The will of the majority of Californians has yet again spoken by voting to insure that marriage is defined as a ceremony between a man and a woman. This appears to be a clear indication that citizens want to stick to the historically traditional interpretation of marriage and they don't want schools providing several choices.

Most people who were against Proposition 8 state this issue would not affect education. If in fact they truly believe this, it is extremely naive. Any story, lesson or conversation with reference to marriage would be amended in order to be politically correct.

In conclusion, the accusation of being un-American is ridiculous and insulting. There is nothing more American than voting to decide an issue. The four judges who decided they knew what was best for millions of Californians acted in a very un-American fashion.

Shirley Borrego

Crescent City