As I contemplated how to respond to the Nov. 18 article written by Nicholas Grube (andquot;Local money ? spent on Prop. 8andquot;), I thought of The Triplicate's responsibility to share legitimate news items.

Did you really believe that, in one of the few coastal California counties in which Proposition 8 passed, it would be front-page news to people that the majority of local donations went to the andquot;yesandquot; campaign? I acknowledge that I did contribute $250 toward the passage of Prop. 8. I did it because I strongly believe that marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

I, as well as many other individuals throughout the state who felt strongly about this issue, walked many neighborhoods and made a lot of phone calls. This was a moral issue that political activists had forced to a vote of the people. These are my personal beliefs. I donated my time and money to something I believe in, and I would do it again.

My question is, now that the election is over, why did you think it necessary to print a list of donors for the Prop. 8 campaigns? As was indicated in your postscript to Aaron Funk's letter (Nov. 21), the other issues for which you identified contributors were in articles printed prior to the election. Since the election I have not seen anyone picketing the School District over Measure A, or intimidating local political candidates. However, with the civil unrest now being propagated by the andquot;No on 8andquot; campaigners, I question The Triplicate's intentions in running this article on the front page.

Are you trying to facilitate a local andquot;witch huntandquot; in order to create more news? By listing the contributors to the andquot;Yes on 8andquot; campaign, you are publicly inviting the andquot;No on 8andquot; campaigners to target my family and me.

I also question your investigative work. I believe you got your information from a Web page, but just because something is listed on the Internet does not make it true. You listed me as a correctional officer, but I am not a correctional officer. What was your purpose in listing the contributor's professions?

This was not the view of our businesses, but personal opinions. Are you also trying to stir up angst for contributors' places of business? The election is over; let's now get past it!

Scott Cupp

Crescent City