Since when did Americans stop having rights? They say we have a right to vote, but yet we vote and it's okay to say, andquot;Nope, that's not the right answer, we are going to overturn that.andquot;

And why is it that we pay taxes that pay our officers to protect us, but yet we think its okay that they are violent to us and convict us before we have a fair trial? A little over a year ago my son asked an officer, andquot;If you have to shoot someone, don't you shoot them in the leg or something to hurt them?andquot; That officer responded, andquot;Absolutely not! If we pull our guns out we aim to kill!andquot;

Wow! That to me says you're guilty, no trial for you. Is it really okay to torture a man with tasers over and over even when it is clear that he is unable to do any more harm? Is it really okay to let our friends and family suffer in a cell because a man with a badge abused them? Ask around, you would be surprised to hear the horror stories of what happens here.

And it's not just from andquot;known criminals.andquot; Most are just too afraid to say anything. We have a few officers that are truly great people, but not enough. When are we as Americans going to stand up and say enough is enough?

I say right on, (attorney) Brian Claypool! It's about time someone stood up and said they are willing to take a stand. You want to see your tax dollars go this way, or do you want to have guts enough to stand up for your rights, too?

Amber Facey

Crescent City