Friday morning I spent some time with one of our newly elected City Council members, Donna Westfall. We sat on the asphalt in the parking lot of Rural Human Services pulling weeds and picking up cigarette butts. During her campaign, Donna Westfall expressed the desire to clean up the city, and she meant it in a very literal sense! She's willing to be the change she wants to see by rolling up her sleeves and working in the dirt alongside the volunteers.

Donna Westfall has the notion that we can beautify our fair city, block by block and lot by lot, with the help of a volunteer brigade, and after this morning I believe it can happen. With just a couple of willing hands and a few yard tools we were able to not only get rid of some blight, but also meet new people and wax philosophical about the real meaning of community. I can see this being a good thing for our city.

Come join Crescent City's Beautification Brigade! The more the merrier, age is no barrier, anyone 5-95 is invited and welcome. Please think about helping out an hour a week and become a part of beautifying this city, or, if you have any plants, bulbs, trees or cuttings to donate, even better.

For starters we've envisioned planting a green barrier between the Verizon parking lot and Rural Human Services to give it a little more life. It's not just a one time clean-up, it's time invested in helping beautify each building. You can call Donna at 464-6019 if you want to join in the fun. It's people power at its finest!

Katherine Kelly

Crescent City