As a former Crescent City resident, I was saddened to read in The Triplicate how many Del Norte County voters voted yes on Proposition 8.

There are so many things wrong about using one's own constitutional rights to take rights away from others and using the law to hold an enormous group of people to a substandard level. We are all humans and we are all American citizens and we all deserve the same rights.

I would think that America would have learned a lesson from our history of the enslavement and discrimination of blacks, our history of substandard treatment of women, of Hispanics, Asian-Americans, and Native Americans. Have we learned nothing from these terrible injustices? Apparently not.

I am especially surprised that the Mormon Church has pushed so hard for this ban. I realize that it is not condoned by the Mormon religion or any other of the mainstream religions. Does religion have to be a factor in every single thing? Isn't it enough to have your religion for yourself?

If one chooses to embrace a religion or a god, then by all means, America was founded so people could choose what they wanted to believe in. I would think that having been terribly discriminated against in America, that the church would want to support and help others who are being mistreated by majority groups.

None of us deserves any more rights than anyone else. Marriage is for consenting adults that love each other and desire to spend the rest of their lives together, be that two men, two women, or a man and a woman. The notion that gay marriage would destroy family units is so absurd. There is no such thing as the andquot;idealandquot; family. What's next, banning single parenting?

I have never seen anything in my lifetime more un-American than the passing of Proposition 8. If the California courts have any regards for the law and humanity, then Proposition 8 will be overturned.

Stacey Jochimsen

Eugene, Ore.