I have recently discovered that starting Jan. 1, Redwood Coast Transit will raise their prices without regards to a struggling economy. My daughter attends Mary Peacock Elementary School and we do not live in that enrollment area but feel it benefits her education to keep her attending that school.

Our family owns one vehicle and has a fixed income. My husband works in Brookings and takes our car to work every day. Therefore, the only way for my daughter to get home from school is with their services. But now with prices being raised, it is just putting more hardship on our family. We cannot afford it.

I have come to trust and feel safe with my child riding the bus and truly hope she can continue. Two school years back she rode on the local route for 50 cents. With the decision, then, to take out the bus stop at Mary Peacock we had to resort to dial a ride that is currently $2.50 and will increase a whole dollar come January.

I can accept a 25-cent increase, but a dollar is too much. I would appreciate a second look at price change and a sincere effort to keep the fare at the price it is currently.

Samantha Ramirez

Crescent City