As a recent newcomer to Crescent City, I have always been a lap swimmer up until three months ago when I arrived here.

It seems to me that Crescent City's pool could have been done for less money and been more safely constructed. Then there wouldn't be all these delays.

Nevertheless, temptation overcame me last Sunday as I was walking my partner along Pebble Beach Drive at the Sixth Street beach access.

The waves were 6-8 feet most enticing. I took the plunge. Then came the worst of it. The waves swept me out among the rocks.

My partner, who stood on the beach looking, pulled his cable through the water and rescued me, to shore. I felt excited, lucky, very happy to be alive and wet most wonderful feeling in the world, swimming. I used to scuba dive but haven't in many years. My partner is deathly afraid of the water, amazingly. He's a K-9, 170-pound puppy mastiff named Turner. Imagine that! In water!

Crescent City needs an alternate swimming pool until our public pool can be opened again.

Margaret Blazic

Crescent City