I would like to thank Mr. Jay Chernak for his opinion piece (andquot;School district must spend money wisely, locally,andquot; Nov. 18), and his effort in supporting local businesses. I think we all would appreciate the use of local firms to fulfill Del Norte County School District's new projects. Mr. Chernak brings up some very valid concerns, and his interest and willingness to openly comment are applauded. However, I am disappointed that Mr. Chernak chose to use my name in his letter without first contacting or discussing this with me; particularly when it shows someone in a less than favorable light.

I would like to clarify my position on some of the comments made in Mr. Chernak's letter. He refers to comments made by school Superintendent Jan Moorehouse about my lack of interest in doing paperwork. These comments stem from an information-gathering meeting, which Rod Jahn, Jan Moorhouse, and I attended. At this meeting I was told I would not be considered for these projects. The reasons stated had to do with an architectural group they already had on retainer, the lack of past experience with school construction projects, as well as the amount of paperwork required. I believe this is the basis for Mrs. Moorehouse's remarks referred to in Mr. Chernak's letter.

I can assure the Del Norte County School District, Mr. Chernak, and the public that I would be happy to complete any paperwork necessary to qualify for any project involving the Del Norte County School District or any other client's project. I hope this clears up any possible confusion about my architectural firm.

I will be contacting the school district to see if they do indeed intend to hire from within the county.

Thank you again Mr. Chernak, but please complete your investigation next time prior to using someone's name in a potentially derogatory manner.

Jeff Mitchell

Crescent City