Why were the citizens of Del Norte County not made aware of the extra burden that only the homeowners would have to bear by the passage of Proposition A?

There were no arguments against it. I am a senior citizen living on Social Security. All I have is my home and now I have to pay an additional $165 a year even though I already have to borrow on my equity line every year just to pay the existing property taxes.

Why are homeowners stuck for everything for schools? I know that the lottery provides money. Why aren't the laws changed so those funds can be used for whatever the schools need? Why don't the parents and grandparents of students assist with repairs and fundraisers to a greater extent rather than forcing all homeowners to pay more and more?

How can Proposition A be repealed now that people know the burden this is? It is tough enough for people to keep their homes in these hard times. Please help. I am elderly and too unwell to lead in having this unfair tax repealed, but I would sure like to sign the necessary document.

Sue Nichols

Smith River