Now the school bond issue has passed and suddenly there is some interest in just how the andquot;wish listandquot; has been prioritized. It was very lonely when meeting after meeting I was the only one trying to get that done before Nov. 4.

Roofing and heating, two expensive items, certainly necessary for the health and safety of our children, seemed important enough for emergency financing if there was no way to solve the problems piecemeal. Coddling the old boiler, while building a fund for replacing the heating system, was not deemed possible. Neither was squeezing out money to cover materials for roof repairs and using our maintenance crew to do the job. Re-modeling of restrooms to avoid penalties also seemed a legitimate specialized need that could no longer be delayed. The rest of the andquot;wish listandquot; seemed to be just that. If the money were available it sure would be nice to have.

Now it seems the andquot;urgent needsandquot; to keep our children warm, dry and safe have taken a back seat to underground watering systems, new fencing and architects' fees for a gymnasium in Smith River. Are these items of such immediate importance that we ask everyone to find extra dollars in already tight budgets?

Perhaps it is time for others to get to school board meetings to question what is urgent and what could be postponed until better financial conditions in our state and nation return. Remember, until contracts are signed and even more importantly, buyers for the bond are found, no tax increase occurs.

Lois F. Munson

Crescent City