Let's get the party started.

Lawsuits will continue to come to Del Norte County because the people are being informed of their civil rights. When they learn it is unlawful for law-keepers to break the law, they want to do something positive. From murder, a girl being shot while sleeping, excessive beatings, poorly written reports, or just plain rude, harassing treatment, it must stop.

I personally have been documenting abuses from the Sheriff's Office since 1983, when the office put my family in harm's way because it would not do its job. It is a long story, but my husband at the time was on the ground, in handcuffs, with a gun to his head. There was absolutely no resistance from any of us at this scene. We were just doing what we were told by the Sheriff's Office.

I am quite familiar with what I am speaking about. If you would like to know more about these disturbing situations, or other well documented abuses, call Community Watch Dogs, 460-0677. The people who have been mistreated will be glad to share their stories with you ? some quite alarming.

As for Brian Claypool needing money to help fight the Eric Jones case, he is taking all the lawsuits on contingency basis, he gets nothing unless he wins. There were no attorneys in our town willing to do this. It is usually the poorest that are abused. These people cannot afford to get legal help, so these would-be cases go down the tube. Now we have someone. Claypool is doing these cases all over California and Oregon. He hardly needs the money.

The story that came out about the Jones murder was unbelievable. The story has too many holes. They handcuffed a wounded, bleeding man, dying, then tried CPR. They could have killed him from moving this man with bullets in his body. Three cops with guns, and baton pulled, and other non-lethal weapons available as well.

Never seen so many lawsuits? You haven't seen anything yet if things don't change. Duh! Lawsuits are coming and from the chief's own staff. The people are speaking.

Lenda Beck

Crescent City