A very special thank you to the Crescent City Jack in the Box manager.

On Sunday, Nov. 2, our vehicles were broken into at our home in Brookings. Many items were stolen including my wallet, which was accidentally left inside my vehicle overnight. By the time we discovered the break-in, the thieves had already used my credit cards at several locations in Crescent City, spending hundreds of dollars, before the sun even came up.

Later that afternoon we were thrilled to hear that two people were arrested that very morning at the Jack in the Box. It wasn't until we read the article in the paper that we knew that our great fortune in recovering our stolen items was due to the quick, smart thinking of the manager at Jack in the Box!

We cannot thank you enough for following your instincts and calling the police when things didn't seem right! Your suspicions paid off and these two people are now behind bars, where they belong.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Melissa Pierce and Jim Elliott

Brookings, Ore.