In response to the letter, andquot;Quite upset that Measure A passed in Del Norte County,andquot; Nov. 11, I too am a homeowner who pays property taxes, and will face the responsibility of paying for Measure A.

One can't help but question what the percentage ratio of property owners to non-property owners who actually voted for Measure A was. Many could have automatically thought that money for schools is always a good thing and always spent in a manner consistent with the educational best interest of the children of our community.

Did it pass because it was easy to vote for something that you knew you would not be responsible with paying for? Do non-property owners realize who pays for the andquot;bondandquot; measures when they vote? Perhaps just knowing the percentage of property owners to non-property owners in our community would be enough to see how such a measure could have been passed.

I regret that I or anyone else failed to address opposition to this measure and the negative impact it would have on tax-paying property owners. I honestly thought that it would not be passed due mainly to the state of the local economy as well as the financial uncertainty of our nation as a whole. The burden of payment solely rests on the paying property owners of this community. Would the outcome have been different if those non-taxpaying voters had to come up with the money also?

In this time of global financial crisis, perhaps this was not the most prudent issue to burden the tax-paying property owners of our community with. Measure A only seems to address the superficial aesthetics of our schools' properties rather than the real problems dominating our schools, serious teacher shortages, causing overcrowded classrooms.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for improving our schools where it's needed. Any monies devoted to improving our schools at this time should strictly be invested in the andquot;educationandquot; of children in our community, starting with the hiring of more teachers!

Perhaps it's time for an effort to rescind the measure before actual money is spent.

Sally Stevenson

Crescent City