The family of Bruno de Solenni, in particular those siblings who lived and worked with a lot of the same people who Bruno knew on a daily basis, would like the community, along with all the others who knew him, to know about Bruno and his life.

Capt. Bruno de Solenni, was killed while serving in Afghanistan on September 20, 2008, while riding in a vehicle that was struck by an improvised explosive device.

He is survived by his father, Mario deSolenni, his mother, California Martin, his step-mother, Linda Schutz de Solenni, his twin-sibling, Ricardo de Solenni, his older siblings, Pia Conway and Gino de Solenni, his Auntie Jan Martin, his Aunt Mary, Uncle Ray, his sisters-in-law Autumn and Athena de Solenni, his brother-in-law Rory Conway, several other extended family members and his fiance, Farrah Bates, whom he planned to marry next summer.

Bruno is also survived by his nieces, Caitlyn de Solenni, Jaelyn Olson, Julia de Solenni, Sophia de Solenni and Olivia de Solenni, and his nephews, Mario de Solenni, and Giancarlo de Solenni.

Bruno also left behind a multitude of close friends who will miss him daily.

As those of us who knew him are able to attest to, Bruno had many characteristics and qualities that enabled him to touch many people while he was with us. Those qualities, among others, included courage, candidness, thoughtfulness, kindness, and the ability to see the goodness in other persons. Bruno was also a person who was always fun to be around. He had a quick wit and was never hesitant to voice his opinions.

From the time he was young, Bruno had a strong love for the outdoors and enjoyed such activities as camping, hunting, fishing, shooting, and scuba-diving. He also loved going to the gym. Hey Bruno, andquot;Where's the beach?andquot;

Bruno obtained a degree in history from the University of Southern Oregon at Ashland. He also became a timber-faller and worked with his good friend, Todd Nickel. He subsequently began to commercially fish for crab with Todd and eventually ended up purchasing a fishing vessel called the Sea Bell. When he was not logging or fishing he would also substitute at the local schools. To the kids that knew him, andquot;no cell phones in class!andquot;

Bruno also had a strong love for the military and its traditions. His tours of duty included the Sinai Peninsula (2003), the Iraqi Freedom Operation (2005), and his last one in Afghanistan (2008) where he was killed.

Although it is impossible to sum up a person's life on one page, Bruno's family would like him to be remembered for the qualities mentioned above.

Bruno's family would like to genuinely thank the outpouring of support that the community has given, and let them know that their prayers and thoughts are deeply appreciated. The family would like to give their sincere condolences to those families who have also had lost their loved one who have died while serving their country. The family would also like to keep those families in their prayers who have loved ones in duty.

Hopefully, Bruno's life will be an inspiration for those who come to know his story. He was certainly an inspiration for us and will always be remembered.