Twelve families of our local Portuguese community proved recently that love, dedication, determination and a lot of hard work is the formula for real success.

Those of us who were privileged to share in that success at the Portugese St. Valentine's Dinner saw first hand what groups with a common purpose can accomplish. The decorations were beautiful, the food delicious and the atmosphere happy. Grandmoms, moms, daughters and sisters cooked for days; granddads, dads, sons and brothers decorated and served.

And as proof of the serious intent to involve all family members, there was Andre, age 4, in his serving finery, just like his dad and helping his mom keep water glasses filled.

The total intent was an effort to help St. Joseph School and what an example it is of what love, dedication, determination and hard work can accomplish. Thank you for the lesson, Portuguese friends.

Elizabeth Musser

Smith River