Kudos to our local law enforcement in their Jan. 26 participation in concert with U.S. marshals in removing a public menace from our midst. Violent fugitive Anthony Leon's arrest after living among local citizens for five years undetected and unsuspected (by us) underscores the dogged and persistent efforts of our public servants in law enforcement to make our society a safer place to live and raise our families.

It also raises the question, best answered by (if they will) those individuals and groups who incessantly vilify and critique our law enforcement officers and agents: What, if anything, would you have done once it came to your attention that this violence-prone fugitive lived in your neighborhood and stood behind you in a check-out line? And do you people (you know who you are) feel more rapport with these brutes or with police officers?

I understand that somewhere a mother cries for her wayward son. I sympathize with that. But that mother who defends that son in his forays and escapades with duty-bound officers needs to take herself by the scruff of the neck and come to terms with the likelihood that she was almost certainly a big part of his problem.

That reminds me: Community Watchdogs, did you have a witness present at Mr. Leon's almost certain brutal takedown? Will we be seeing you parading in front of the courthouse hawking the brutality perpetrated by the cops against one of our elbow-rubbing locals? Come on, you people and come to the realization that you are, for the most part, community jesters.

Dale L. Bohling

Crescent City