In Wednesday's Triplicate, continuing the front page article on page A5, it states: andquot;Secretary of State Debra Bowen reported some complaints from nonpartisan voters who had trouble casting ballots. The Democratic and American Independent parties allowed voters who aren't affiliated with any political party to vote in their contests, but those people had to request a special ballot.andquot;

In addition, on the TV news last night it was stated that some voters in California who were registered as Independent had difficulty trying to vote in the Democratic primary.

When I went down to change my registration from Republican to Independent, I was told I would not be able to vote in the Democratic primary unless I registered as a Democrat. I said I had received information to the contrary from several sources, and I was told my information was wrong.

I find it interesting that Barack Obama was receiving more of the Independent votes and that Hillary Clinton won in California by a narrow majority. Maybe this should be cause for investigation.

Laurel Marquart

Crescent City