Our Troop Support Group recently received a check from the Stamps Family for $3,718 as the remainder of the money after sending the Christmas boxes, each containing two stockings, plus the cost of the items enclosed. We celebrate their interest in bringing Christmas cheer and a touch of home to three very large Marine platoons in Iraq. These platoons are much larger than the Army and Air Force groups of about 35 that receive our regular monthly boxes. Not all pledges from the radio fundraiser came in; perhaps some people forgot and will do so later.

We try and coordinate these boxes to include a Mexican burrito menu; a smoked salmon and clam chowder menu, a Chinese menu, and lots of good nuts, seeds, dried fruit, juices, cookies, very little candy.

We run our project out of my living room and when the Bill Stamps group came together we had to divide ourselves. His staff did the Christmas stockings project out of his building, while we did stockings for our regular group here at home. I thank Danni, manager at Dollar Tree, for all the help she provided in putting Bill's group together.

Our beautiful stockings were produced by our own Crescent City Quilt Guild and Four H Club, where many hands sewed some 400 stockings for us. Ruth Burrel chaired the project. We are most grateful for donations and labor by: VFW, Mary and Dean Wilson, Hector and Ilene Brown, Jim Snow, Emblem Club, St. Vincent de Paul, Rebekah Lodge, Gay McWhirter, Birnie Hiser, Rose Boldt, Jerry Rance, Crescent City Women's Club, Republican Women's Club, Del Norte Triplicate, Beverly and Hank Westbrook, Eve Endert, Eleanor and Dale Parsons, Doris Whalen, Calie Martin and Troop Support Club at DNHS, plus all the people that signed up at the radio fundraiser and sent in their pledges.

We also thank Florence Howard and Katie Berkowitz for the wonderful beanies.

I feel humbled to recall the many citizens who have helped on a regular basis, and even when I have been standing in line at the post office someone will offer a postage donation. In fact, I have packed boxes here that I can take to the post office if a person would like to pay the postage. Please call: 464-9146.

And, let us not forget our postal clerks, Brian, Traci, Shannon, James and all the great people in the back room who dealt with 334 boxes containing 668 Christmas Stockings for a total weight of about 2,672 pounds. When we add this figure to our annual total of boxes 320, or 3,200 pounds, we get a net figure of 5,972 pounds of home TLC for our troops in 2007!

Jan Martin

Troop Support Group

Crescent City