The Triplicate ought to reconsider its priorities when deciding where to place a particular story. I couldn't believe Tuesday's paper which had buried, on Page 6 (Sports), the story of local wrestler Roger McCovey, who absolutely destroyed the No. 1 wrestler in the state of California at a recent Bay Area wrestling tournament.

Do you even realize how big of an accomplishment that is? Do you know how many people in Del Norte County can truthfully say they are the best at their craft in the most populous state in the Union? This kid pinned the guy who was ranked No. 1 in the state of California, in the heavy weight division, in one minute and one second! That's an unbelievable feat.

With all due respect to the deceased whale, the need for pool renovations and the short-term harbor lease, Roger's accomplishment should have been on Page 1 above the fold in bold headlines. I would hope that as this local champion goes on to the state tournament and continues to maul his opponents, The Triplicate will rethink its policy as to where this story belongs.

George M. Mavris

Crescent City