I really enjoyed the recent column urging people to run, not walk, to vote today.

I would also urge voters to remember that voting in the primary should mean voting for the candidate who best represents your values.

While out campaigning for my favorite presidential candidate, one thing I hear over and over is, andquot;Well, I really like that candidate, but he doesn't have a chance, so I guess I'll vote for the other guy I don't like as much.andquot; Also, my current favorite, andquot;I'm just going to vote for the lesser of two evils.andquot;

Our nation is in trouble; the economy is bad and getting worse, our ill-conceived meddling in Iraq started a civil war (and created an extremist hotbed), Osama bin Laden is still at large, and our borders are still not secure. Illegal immigration is burdening our hospitals, welfare system, and Social Security to the point of collapse. Speaking of Social Security, that's bad off too. It's set to go broke in a few years, yet we still have to keep paying into it. Our health care system is no longer the envy of the world, as costs spiral out of control. Our civil liberties are being eroded. The list goes on.

Voters should care very much about this election. Voters should not vote the lesser of two evils. Voters should vote for principle. Voters should turn off their TV and do a few hours of research on the Internet, where the news isn't prepackaged by special interests.

Please voters, don't be sheep, don't follow the herd off the cliff. We are a nation of free people, we should vote like it.

Jennifer Bayon

Crescent City