Big positive change at the county dog pound!

Thanks to Ken Smith, the new director of animal control and the Department of Agriculture! Ken has been on the job just three short months and has already proven himself a man of positive energy and change. From day 1, Ken has worked with the Humane Society of Del Norte to improve the lives of dogs. He has reduced the number of dogs euthanized by nearly half and has increased the number of dogs adopted by more than half.

Ken has also researched how to prevent contagious disease at the pound kennels and how to make the dogs more comfortable during their stay. Not all of his plans and goals are in place yet, but he is diligently working through all the government red tape to accomplish a better situation for the dogs.

In addition, Ken is working with the Humane Society of Del Norte to develop a training program for volunteers who would like to work with the dogs make them more adoptable. We're hoping this volunteer program will be ready to begin within the next few months.

Thanks a lot, Ken! And thanks to Tana Bachmann of the Humane Society Board, for working with Ken to make life better for the dogs. Tana works countless hours finding loving homes and no-kill shelters willing to take dogs out of our pound. It takes people like them to make a community work as it should.

Jennifer Henion

Crescent City