Just wondering: Has anyone had to renew their California driver's license lately? The written test varies. So to be prepared, California has a driver's handbook. It has a lot of information so one can get enough smarts so as to be able to pass the test.

I did find an interesting tidbit. It says, andquot;When driving on mountain roads and you can't see around a corner, sound your horn.andquot; Now as I see it, if there is someone coming from the other direction they can't see ahead either, so will sound their horn. So by both sounding their horns, if they don't collide head on, they will at least frighten all the wild game off the road, if there happen to be any. So in all, it would not be a lost cause.

In recent letters to The Triplicate I mentioned getting several requests for donations in one day's mail. Some I have made happy. My most recent request came from andquot;Adoptaplatoon.andquot; The suggested donation was $11,500. Sorry, it won't be this year. There are several veterans' organizations that request donations. The USO, Disabled Vets and VFW are but a few. The USO is a great help to military personnel in the field, as well as the Red Cross. A doughnut and a cup of coffee are a welcome time out when available.

I speak as a veteran. In World War II, I was in Africa, the invasion of Sicily, the invasion of souther France and on into Germany.

Sorta gave away my age. If there is any question, I just passed my big andquot;90.andquot;

Fred Bohner

Crescent City