Last week our City Council had an ideal time to direct the Planning Commission and our planning director to andquot;planandquot; our city's growth. It could have been proactive.

Instead, it confirmed the Planning Commission's decision to set a precedent for hodgepodge architectural style, big-box buildings, on-street parking, limited beach view and access, and insensitivity to our incredibly beautiful surroundings.

We need to envision the future. If you build beauty, if you build being aware of the environment, you will bring people who touch the earth softly. If you build andquot;Pelican Bayandquot;-style architecture, big Southern California boxes, with no thought to our surroundings, you have built a future of ugly buildings.

This should be our time to sit back, sit up, and look cautiously at our path. We can become a place to which people wish to come and to stay, a place in which we take pride and enjoy; or we can continue to be a city that people andquot;pass through.andquot; Mother Nature has given us beauty, let us work within it, not negate it.

I am sorry the Council has taken this path, it is a precedent for other builders.

Susan Roberts

Crescent City