More space and newsprint has been expended in the Triplicate concerning Lake Earl and the adjacent Pacific Shore Subdivision than any other subject in the county. The subdivision has lain empty for 40 years because no one in county government has had an interest in helping the long-suffering property owners even though they pay property taxes just like everyone else in the county.

Hallelujah, the new configuration on the Board of Supervisors has shown an interest in doing something positive for these property owners. At long last we have supervisors who have respect for the property tax-paying public. The prospect for the Pacific Shores property owners to finally realize their dreams to either build on their property, or to sell their land, may be realized.

I know the road to development is long and hard, but the willingness of supervisors to tackle the job deserves many thanks and much gratitude from all county taxpayers, not just the Pacific Shores property owners. As more property is allowed to develop to its fullest potential, more money will flow into the public purse, which means more and better services for all.

I personally thank the supervisors with all my heart for their interest in helping the subdivision owners, and for their knowledge and experience in the proper conduct of the business of government.

Dwayne Smith

Seal Beach

Pacific Shores property owner