On a day unlike any other day in my life, I was being rushed from the E.R. to O.R. for open heart surgery. As I was about to be put to sleep, I made them stop so I could pray. In doing so, I asked God to allow me more time on earth to find my son that I had not seen in ten years and one other need.

During the surgery 'me,' my spirit came awake to see the doctors operating on my open chest. Suddenly with (while) still being in my flesh body the most beautiful tunnel of light came down from Heaven. The other end opened with such beauty. It was Heaven I was then looking into. At that very moment and angel of extreme beauty with a glorious presence spoke to me as a messenger of God saying andquot;your prayer is granted, you're going to be OK.andquot; With that the opening to Heaven closed, as did the tunnel of light rise to vanish. The next thing I knew, I was waking up in recovery.

Four months later I found my son the other has yet to happen.

Oliver Rose,

Crescent City