Letters: Artist: All art is beautiful,historical murals included


Almost any original artwork is beautiful and we are all privileged to have murals painted on the sides of buildings in Crescent City.

I'm an abstract artist and studied art history in college. I know the impressionists and the history of graffiti. I know Picasso and Matisse and Grandma Moses.

I've been entranced with art all my life. I've tramped through art galleries all up and down the West Coast. ALL art is beautiful. There is not enough visual art in this world, and to have original, decently-painted, historic murals, as simple as they might be, painted on the sides of buildings in Crescent City is just fine with me.

Yesterday's signboard might be tomorrow's relic.

Virginia Streitberger

Crescent City

The Del Norte Triplicate
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Saturday May 20, 2017

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