I thought that I would jump into the hot bed on the issue of home schooling as I did it a while myself. I also have some thoughts on the political mess.

I pulled my child out of a school in another area because there were real threats being made and the district was lying to the parents and I was one of the few that had real information about the situation. Like a lot of the parents now, I wanted some control over my child's education.

But home schooling a child is a huge responsibility that comes with that type of education. It is easy for a child to be distracted if there is a TV in the home. I had to disconnect the TV and rent movies on weekends. I also had to make sure that there was some kind of socialization to make sure that there was no disconnect. Above everything else, I had to realize when my child needed to meld back into school so she would be ready to go to college.

Morals start at home! Our school district does not dictate what is required to be taught in the school. My choice of putting my child back into public school when it was all over my head was the very best thing I could possibly do and she is now at a university with a lot of common sense.

What has happened over the last 30 years is that small groups in society have had influence over how the majority is to think. I am not a Democrat or Republican. I can think for myself and try to vote for the least of the evils on either side. I research, watch every news channel to make sure that every side has been heard, and then make my mind up.

If you look at most of the things you buy, you might be surprised just how many of your dollars are going straight to China. I hope that we all can remember that they imprison people who talk against their government. Right now, the only ones with less confidence than President Bush is our congress.

I am glad that there are alternatives to an education that people do not agree with. I do hope that they understand the responsibility they are taking on, and also hope that if they can no longer do the job, they turn it over to someone that can. These children are our future.

Brenda Johnston

Crescent City