I sat in my warm home the other morning, quiet and comfortable, sipping on hot coffee and contemplating the goodness of my Father in Heaven. My eyes then drift over to the window and focus on the pouring and freezing rain. Such a stark contrast is the world outside, seemingly washed in gray that's beyond the window panes that hold in the heat above the table I'm seated at, with the sweetly scented candles and overly-full fruit bowl. My heart is breaking now for all the souls in our community waking this morning with no roof blocking the rain and no walls or windows to hold in any heat. Specifically, I grieve for the married couple we work with who have just given up the drugs in exchange for a chance at a productive life. They wake this morning in a tent with holes and I wonder if the cold will cause her to miscarry again. She just found out that contrary to a medical andquot;impossibility,andquot; she hasn't just received a new life, but she now carries a new life.

After asking God what more I can do, I believe that I am supposed to share my heart, my burden with you who are reading this. We at Our Daily Bread Ministries need your help. I am only speaking to those of you who have looked out of your window, over your hot coffee, onto the cold, unforgiving greyness and have also felt grief in your spirit for the homeless. I'm only speaking to those of you who realize that a roof overhead, and a rug underfoot is a blessing and much less common than we realize.

Last winter, during a severe cold spell, we and RHS partnered to provide a temporary shelter for the homeless at the fairgrounds. The city, county and community realized just how very dangerous our cold weather can be.

Something must be done. We believe that its not just God's will to care for the homeless, but it is our community's will. To do this, Our Daily Bread needs your prayerful financial and volunteer support, along with support and permission from city and/or county.

I know that all things are possible to he or she who believes, and I'm believing for the shelter and provision for all waking this morning in the cold gray town outside my window. Call or write or stop by the ministry at 1135 Harrold St., 464-7771 or 954-9477

Rachel Justice

Our Daily Bread Ministries

Crescent City