Our county has finally begun to come into a bright tomorrow with individuals taking the lead and introducing programs that our community has never known. Opportunities like leadership workshops, children's programs, and small businesses have expedited improvements for everyone. However, how can a community be truly united when there is break in the chain and all the proceeding efforts become futile?

Recently, I have read countless articles about our local law enforcement and I want to share my experience; I must say they treated me with dignity and respect without giving up their authority in perusing the truth. They were very thorough in the investigation and apprehend my assailant with diligence. However, the district attorney was not as helpful when it came to the bureaucracy of our judicial system. This is where I find the concept of our D.A. providing protection for the people perplexing; his office chooses to peruse blighted property with tenacity and allow sexual predators to plea to lesser charges.

What I mean to say by this is: why would the D.A. allow a sicko like Raymond Thrasher to plea a lesser charge of failure to register as a sex offender, a parole violation carrying a sentence of up to 18 months, instead of facing the current charges? He could have been arrested for that any time; instead, it's the only charge he's pleading guilty to. And the D.A. is okay with this? Is he waiting for DNA evidence from one of our children in order to pursue a sex offender whom chooses to use our pristine recreational areas as their hunting grounds?

Think of it like this: what message are we sending to sexual predators? That they can stalk victims and only be prosecuted if there is DNA evidence? He was caught with his hand in the cookie jar, but didn't have time to make crumbs. How would that make you feel if it were you or your child he tried to assault?

In my opinion, a community will never be united until there is a judicial system protecting and acknowledging that humans are more important than blighted property and should never be belittled by sweeping them under the rug. Do you think the victim wanted to be victimized?

Stacy Brudin