As days turn into weeks, yes, the countdown to New Year's Eve will be starting here on the Northcoast soon. What will 2008 bring to the people living here in Crescent City and Del Norte County? I deeply believe that this important question needs to be asked now. I have a few questions to ask the leaders in this community.

What directions will this community take in this coming year to make this a better place to call home? People, it's not about murals or graffiti. Wake up. It's about jobs. When half the community does not know where their Christmas dinner is going to come from, that's sad.

Then, there is a drug problem among our young people. There has been a lot of talk about this over the last year. But with our local Drug Task Force and their daily fight, little has been done on the war on drugs.

We are no closer to having a teen center than we were a few years ago. Then there is our local library. I have a suggestion to the readers of this paper. Maybe, before giving more money to more murals, people should be thinking about our local food banks, the people who want to create a teen center or help fund the local library. Maybe the important things should come first.

Richard M. Miles

Crescent City