In regards to Eli Naffah's letter and andquot;officialandquot; use of andquot;government math.andquot; (Letter to the editor, andquot;Letters to the editor about city, sewer are inaccurate,andquot; Nov. 30)

Let's see, usually when a vote is taken, it's a yes or no tally. However Mr. Naffah cites 38 percent no to 62 percent yes on the sewer increase.

What an insult. Sixty-two percent represents those who didn't actually vote. Which in this andquot;one-of-a-kindandquot; vote count equalled a yes. Versus: you didn't vote = it doesn't count. Aside from some third world dictator getting 100 percent of the andquot;yesandquot; vote, I guess this is as close to it as we can currently get in the U.S.A.

Think about the implications should this kind of sham be extended to other elections. Again, we get what we will tolerate. Bottom line, it's the voters who are boss. But that requires us to register to vote and most importantlyvote. Democracy 101, the people, that's us, you and me.

James Snow

Crescent City