If you meant to be mean and put the local artist downBRAVO! You did it! But what was the point? There is an old saying (or maybe new) ... put up or shut up! If you've got some artistic ability and want to join in than by all means you should have some opinion in what goes on ... but where were you when the mural was being made? I know some of the local artists and they are so talented and I have had one mural painted and have nothing but compliments on it. It has brought so much joy and fun and we love it.

So as an outsider (since I have only been here for two years) It has been so neat to see all of the hard work our local citizens have done. What a change! And we look forward to seeing more and appreciate it so much. Crescent City is a wonderful and friendly town to live in and if you don't appreciate it then ...

P.S. Ever watched the movie Mean Girls? Maybe you should and then think about how your words injure so many others. Why?

Christy Costa

Crescent City