I feel compelled to comment on the andquot;milk toast architectureandquot; letter (andquot;'Milk toast' architecture shouldn't be this city's goal,andquot; Nov. 23). I believe Mr. Slert has some very valid points, and that good designs can actually improve business, community self-esteem, tourist appeal, as well as user efficiency. Aesthetically it can improve the personality of our community as well.

I'm afraid the point, of the letter, may have been lost with the criticism of the Square Deal building. While the letter may come across as somewhat self-serving and a little egotistical, I think the point that a trained professional in architecture can enhance and improve most projects, is valid.

While I am aware that the Square Deal building design was not done by an architect, the renovation of this building is an incredibly marked improvement over what was existing. There are however, most certainly, alternative design concepts that would create an even more interesting, distinctive, and attractive asset to our community.

In any development it is very difficult not to take the most economical approach, though, this often can define a community. Unfortunately, character and economizing don't often go hand-in-hand. I hope we can try to consider character and personality as well as economizing in future architectural developments in or area.

We architects can sometimes come across as a bit righteous and even condescending. We need to watch that. I think this is from our belief that things could be better. It can be frustrating when we think andquot;what could have been.andquot;

I do applaud Matt and Dan for taking on this Square Deal project. Thank you for taking the risk, others weren't willing to take.

Jeff Mitchell, Architect

Crescent City