Ooo la laso many men calling! At my age. Remarkable! Some were anonymous and others very civilly introduced themselves. They all had something in common. They were veterans and were incensed by my letter to the editor about the proposed Veterans Memorial (andquot;Veteran's Memorial money should go to sewer project,andquot; Nov. 16). The anonymous calls were generally unpleasant, but all the calls were informative.

I did learn that 1) The plan for the veterans memorial includes total funding, building and maintenance by the veterans themselvesno city money involved. 2) All of these veterans very definitely do not wish to contribute to the new city water-sewer project. 3) Some veterans think that patriotism is waning. 4) Some veterans feel their efforts and sacrifices are not appreciated. 5) Some veterans think they have been forgotten, hence the need for a monument. 6) Some veterans want a peaceful place to meditate. 7) Some veterans want a living memorial such as a college scholarship.

I, personally, want clean water and a functioning sewer system.

I am a veteran, United States Marine Corps, honorably discharged long before most of the andquot;war on terrorandquot; veterans (Iraq and Afghanistan) were born. I consider it an honor and a privilege to have been able to serve my country that has served me so well.

Gloria Brasuel

Crescent City