There is a real problem in our community with our governing systems; I wanted to know what is really going on out there, so I went out on the street to talk to people and ask questions. I did not take long until people started joining me. From the first day out, until now, people continue to come tell me their startling stories. People tell me how afraid they have been to tell, or make a complaint; one man, after two years of fear, finally came out. There are stories about being beat up, tasered excessively, raped, kicked in the head, having skulls cracked and jewelry being taken from dead people.

These people say they feel safer knowing that there are more eyes on these problems. The appreciation makes what we are doing well worth the time. You try to tell me there are no abuses. I think by now you know what I say about thatget your head out of the sand.

I am not doing this for money or fame; it is not easy to get up and go whenever someone calls to say they need help. I am a watchdog because I see that we have problems, and these kinds of problems have some negative results on all of our lives at one time or another. Outlaw actions from our law keepers affect us all in one way or another, such as millions in financial lawsuits against our county, post traumatic stress disorder and the breeding of hate and disrespect for our law enforcers. If the law is not the same for everyone then it is not the law.

I have never condoned the breaking of the law by anyone. However, I certainly do not condone the breaking of the law by the ones who take an oath to uphold the law, and nothing is done about it. I count on them to take care of my rights and me, not take them away.

I have seen it; I have confronted it head-on. I went to talk to a sheriff in '85 about his drunk driving in the sheriff's car; I go to Wilson, Stevens, Plack if I have a problem and I need to know the answer. This is my community, also. I may want to vote someday. After 30+ years here, I am seeing what goes on here.

Lenda Beck

Crescent City